Get Siked!


Hitting Tile!

Me and my bro Sparrow hit up a killer bowl at Coburg on the weekend, shaped like a kidney pool with tiles and everything.
One of my new favorite places to skate, up there with Pearcedale. Heres a few snaps.

the man with the plan chillin in the shallow
Sparrow getting high in the deep end
Hitting tile in the shallows

Hitting tile in the shallows

Hitting tile in the deep

Sparrow getting some tile in the deep

Really keen to hit that spot up again.

Still Searching

Beach hangs in 2010

One of the best weekends I’ve had on my holidays.

Bomb this!

Can’t wait to watch this. I’ve alway had a fascination with Graffiti ever since I kid riding my bikes around the local factories and bushlands sussin pieces everywhere. I used to write at school a little nothing serious though just a few kids fucking up school property.
Lately I’ve found myself delving more and more into things I used to love growing up. – TGL.

Holidays in the sun

So far so good, christmas was chilled out this year.
There hasn’t been a day thus far that I haven’t been out skating, I watched Chlorine a few weeks ago and ever since I’ve been sussing out bowls and searching for pools. Hitting Frankston park a fair bit also hit Pearcdale bowl the other day with my mate Cramo, we took down brooms and a shovel and cleaned it out so we could carve it up.
Today I went out for my Nannas birthday, won some money on the pokies then hit Sandy Bowl, Elwood Bowls and Cheltenham park/Bowl, Chelt wasn’t as big as i remember it being none were as good as Frankston or Pearcdale.

Cramo carving the deep end

Me carving the deep end

Getting up the top of the deep end

It all comes down to this

I’ve been waiting so long for this night and its finally here.
Will be knocking back a few brews.

Tonight Finally


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